About us

Dragon jewelry is a designing and producing brand working on semi-organic structures. They produce and maintain official and unofficial ornamental products by utilization of knowledge of colors and a minimalist style influenced by the style of the "hipster".
Dragon is an online jewelry shopping store since 2013 founded by Farzad Abedin and Navid Alizadeh, they started this official business as part of Artin jewelry business, products can only be purchased on the official Instagram page and our website.
Dragon was chosen for the name of brand as the founders were influenced by the old Iranian culture and myth, the Celtic and Scandinavian and the ancient Chinese culture, which shows that legendary dragons have always been on high value, the story of Esfandiar in Shahnameh (an Iranian myth), the story of Alibaba and the forty thieves in Baghdad to the story Marilyn (an ancient magician) and ancestor in China, are example of this sign .
Dragon jewelry or Dragon Jewels means a dragon that protects jewelry and emphasizes the values and feelings within these jewels and gems.
Dragon jewelry products are made by the finest semi-organic and totally handmade materials; entrepreneurship and reliance on domestic production is the main source of this brand and creating a space for up-to-date design and style in terms of Iranian fashion got possible with their slogan “Unique Creativity ".